AccuSharp AS017C Diamond 2-Schritt Messerschärfer mit Diamant und Keramik

Artikelnummer: ACCU-016CD

EAN: 0015896000171

Kategorie: Schärfwerkzeuge

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The AccuSharp Diamond 2-Step Knife Sharpener features pre-angled coarse diamond and fine ceramic rods to sharpen, restore, and then polish a blade´s edge. One of our newest “award winning” designs, the diamond rods are aggressive enough to sharpen all types of steel. The flip side consists of two ceramic rods used to finish and polish the edge for a smooth, sharp finish. The Diamond 2-Step exterior is made of brushed aluminum and finished with a rubber molded grip and rubber feet for safety. The unit has a lanyard hole which allows for easy attachment to cord or string.

Measures 2 1/2" x 2 3/4". Black rubberized grip with stainless trim. Lanyard hole with keychain attachment. Features pre-angled coarse diamond and ceramic rods. Use the diamond rods to sharpen the blade and then finish and polish with the ceramic rods.

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