Cold Steel Multi Dart für Blasrohr .625 Magnum 122 - 152 cm (4 - 5 Fuss)

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The blowgun or blowpipe has a long history that spans the globe. Blowguns were originally invented to serve as a hunting weapon to bag small animals and birds, with small stones or hardened clay pellets being used for ammunition. By the early 90's, the J.R. Stupero Company and their successor the J.W. McFarlin Company which sold an authentic hunting grade blowgun that was made of thick, strong aluminum and was capable of propelling a heavy .625 Magnum dart. In 1983, Cold Steel's President, Lynn C. Thompson, bought the first of the many .625 Magnum blowguns he would eventually own and purchased it outright. Now, after a brief reorganizing period, we hereby inaugurate the birth of our new division; Big Bore Blowguns, home of the .625 Magnum. Big Bore Blowguns will specialize in large blowgun calibers like .625 Magnum because they offer vastly improved killing power compared to smaller, .40 caliber darts. For extra accuracy and range, we sell a two-foot extension as an accessory. Both of the basic models come with a mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver, and 36 darts (6 Stun Darts, 15 Mini Broad Head, and 15 Bamboo Darts). We also sell a 3-inch thick high-density foam target for safer indoor practice. Large caliber blowguns like our .625 Magnum have an effective range out to 20 yards or more. With practice, a skilled user can hit a two-inch circle at amazing distances, delivering a heavy weight dart. That's a payload easily capable of penetrating a half-inch sheet of plywood. Accuracy and range like this enable an experienced hunter to take small game like doves, quail, squirrels and rabbits in complete silence without danger of over penetration or errant darts striking livestock or humans in the distance. Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Skill with a blowgun can lead to many inexpensive hunting adventures and stand you in good stead in survival or self-defense situations. Try our new Big Bore .625 Magnum and you'll soon find yourself addicted to the fun of shooting the world's most powerful blowgun! In the open field, our Big Bore Blowguns are relatively light in weight and, because they come with rubber ferrule, they make an excellent hiking staff. If, on the other hand you need to pack them or strap one to your pack, you might find things getting a little awkward. The problem of making our blowguns into a practical item that people can pack with the rest of their gear has vexed us at Cold steel for a while now... but, at last, we have a solution. We took our popular five-foot gun and re-configured it as a "take-down" model. It has two tubes that are about two and half feet long with threaded joints and reinforcing coupling tube for strength. It's equal of the regular five-foot model in terms of stiffness, accuracy and long-range performance, but has the added advantage of being easy to pack and transport. We decided to raise the bar even higher with our new Professional .625 models. Available in 4-foot and 5-foot lengths, they come with a target style mouthpiece and a 3mm thick barrel.Yep! That makes them almost twice as thick, and 45% heavier than our standard model and clinches their title of heaviest, commercially made blowguns in the world.Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the increase in accuracy offered by their great weight and rigidity. Don't miss out in the increased toughness they offer as an impact tool in a self-defense situation. Buy your Professional .625 Blowgun today! Other Info: .625 MagnumMulti Dart. Includes 100 wire darts and seven driving cones. Can be fired in multiples or 5, 6, or 7 with a trajectory that resembles a shotgun pattern out to 10 yards or more, landing within a 3" circle.

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