Lansky Double Diamond Folding Paddle - 280 Medium/600 Fine

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Lansky Double-Sided Diamond Sharpeners are great tools for putting the edge back on your older or well-used knives that have become dull over use and time. Whether it's your favorite camping knife or the one you reach for in the kitchen, this is the comfortable sharpener to use with the rubber over-molded handles. It can reliably restore your cutting implements back to their useful sharp quality. Paddle Sharpener offers two full surface diamond sharpeners in one compact unit. The Paddle folds conveniently into the ergonomic handle for protection and ease of storage and transport. Two sided paddle lets you sharpen with 280 grit medium side and refine with the 600-grit fine side. Diamond Sharpening Paddle. Ergonomic comfort grrip, black handle with gray trim, folds for easy carrying and storage. Dual-grit for maximum versatility. 3 1/2" full diamond grit sharpening surface. Medium/Fine grit. Medium side (280 grit) sharpens knives and tools. Fine side (600 grit) to touch up or finish an edge.

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