Nite Ize Figure 9 Carabiner Rope Tightener Large mit 67,5 cm Tragkraft, schwarz

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The Figure 9 Carabiner tightens, tensions, and secures ropes without knots. Whether tethering a canoe to your vehicle, anchoring boxes to a dolly, or bundling wood, this carabiner secures large loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight, and it stays that way.A smart alternative to complicated cam-locking tensioning devices and bungee cords, the Figure 9 Carabiner also controls the release of high tension, avoiding sudden and dangerous unloading. Rope Tightener. Contains one unit. Clip to fixed points for easy connection and eliminate the hassle of knots. Fits 1/8"-3/8" rope. 150 lb. load limit.

Hersteller: Nite Ize
Herkunftsland: China
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