SOG SOGFARI Tanto Machete 10" mit Sägezahnung und Scheide, schwarz

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The SOGfari 10'' machete is perfectly balanced in size and weight, for use in a variety of applications using the tanto blade or saw back. Our machetes are exciting additions to the SOG family. Its not should I have a machete but which size will work for me. Machetes are one of the more useful edged tools in the world. They have cleared brush, and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and protected. Careful attention has been given to the SOGfari to make sure that the weight was right and the handles were comfortable for extended use. Whip them through the air and hear them sing. We've added a real working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang for pounding and scraping. There are even holes in the handle to mount lanyards. SOGfari... the go to tool for survival, exploration and adventure!
Specifications: Product Type: Fixed Blade, Finish: Hardcase Black, Blade Shape Tanto, Edge Type: Straight, Blade Steel Type: 3Cr13Hardness: Rc. 44-50, Overall Length: 16'', Product Weight: 13.50 oz, Blade Length: 10'', Blade Thickness: 0.08''

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