Timberline Tomahawk CBT Combat Breaching Tool

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Timberline Tomahawk CBT Combat Breaching Tool has a 3 inch blade head length and measures 16.75 inches overall. Made from 440C stainless steel. Features include gas valve shut-off wrench, pry end with wire cutter and nail puller. Custom sheath system with PVC edge and head protector and nylon body are also included. Dimensions: 16.75"; Blade: Stainless l Standard Edge l Black Finish; Handle: Black l Synthetic; Other Info: 7.5" axe head with 2.75" cutting edge and sharpened spike end. Full tang. Gas valve shut off wrench. Pry feature with nail puller and wire cutter/stripper. Rear application piece (RAP) for cutting, scraping, and penetrating.

Hersteller: Timberline
Herkunftsland: China
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